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Preston Ely Shows You How to Quickly Become Your Local Market’s “Instant Guru” While Your Students Flip Houses FOR You!

It is well known by the “ninjas” (gurus!) in just about every industry that one must learn how to “fake it, till you make it”, (more on that in the video) and real estate investing is no exception, and neither is being a mentor or “guru” in the real estate investing market. Tons of people across the world know that real estate creates more wealth quicker than anything else one can do, but very few know how to get into the real estate market and find success.

Namely, because they are “newbs”, have no guru to hold their hand, and haven’t established themselves yet as a savvy investor. It’s one of those old “catch 22’s” where one doesn’t see success because they are not already successful. At least, that is a common fear that stops otherwise go-getters from taking action.

What if there is a way to BE that mentor or guru while sitting back and having your students do all the work, and you split the profits with your students 50/50? Simply put, Preston is going to show you how to set up your own Instant Guru™local mentoring/coaching program while you bring on your own students who pay you up-front and also split their profits with you 50-50 as they close deals, even if you’ve never done any deals of your own!

preston1Learn how to become an Instant guru in your town, teach your own students that pay YOU up front to flip houses for YOU by clicking on the “get instant access” button below:

Everything inside Instant Guru at a glance…. ALL for just $197 to get started!














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