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FreedomSoft Just Got a Massive Upgrade!

FreedomSoft, originally created by Preston Ely’s Real Freedom Inc, has been a game changer for many real estate investors across the country for several years as the industry’s favorite real estate investing software. Whether we are newbies or experienced investors, with FreedomSoft, freedomsoft-logo_640we could find deals, (REO’s, Private sellers, rehabs, rental properties) submit offers, run accurate comps, and manage our real estate business with ease. As great as FreedomSoft was, Now, it’s even better!

FreedomSoft is now owned by Rob Swanson’s Tarpon Media, and they’ve redesigned the popular real estate investing software suite to make it 1000% better!

Nearly 70% of Freedom$oft has been re-designed, re-built and re-launched.

Introducing the ALL NEW Freedom$oft Mission Control – it is a BRAND NEW Freedomsoft.

Including releasing:

> The BRAND NEW automated leads campaign builder
> A fully integrated SMS & Voicemail leads management system
> Updated and fully redesigned Direct Mail creator & mail system
> A 1-click Rehab Estimator that provides LOCAL ESTIMATES
> Powerful deal analyzers for both Fix & Flip and Buy & Hold deals
> RehabbersGPS Project Manager – (A Full Construction Suite)

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